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Blog content was deleted

Although this blog hasn’t been active for a while, the entire content has been deleted, presumably by the person who had admin rights here, and who never contributed to the blog. Quite a vindictive thing to do, I hope the person reads this and feels *good* about themselves.

Unfortunately, the Google cache is not showing results any more. I have asked WP if they can restore it from an old backup, but they insist that the person mentioned above was the one who created the blog back in “early 2006”, which is incorrect, as the blog was started in October of 2006 by me. If they look at the post author for all the old posts, they will also see that it was me, the other person had nothing to do with this blog other than to delete it, most likely in a fit of spite.

Anyway, fingers crossed that WP eventually believe me. Otherwise, the blog has gone.